Sunday, 12 January 2014


In my stocking this year, I was lucky enough to receive this SUPER SELF HEATING DEEP PORE DETOX MASK by SOAP&GLORY. 

Now I love a good face mask, for my spot prone, oily-combination skin. I like the feeling of a deep cleanse, knowing I've done my best to rid the pores of any 'clogs'... excuse the pun.

For 100ml, and only needing a small amount, I'm pretty certain that this mask would last you a while, so even though the price isn't ridiculous, (although a lot more than those £1.00 masks) it is definitely worth the money. 
This mask is originally £11.50, but you can get it on offer for £8.50 here. This will last a limited time only, but Boots always have great deals on. 

So as you can see, this is a weekly mask, and gives you easy directions to follow.
And even though it says use a 'grape sized dab', I recommend about 3 'grape sized dabs' for a fairly thick coverage all over the skin.
When you start massaging this product into your skin with dry hands, you really do feel a super heating effect, it's not at all painful, but you can really feel the heat. There is also small, soft grains t help exfoliate while you rub, to get rid of dead cells, and help clean.
Then you slightly wet your hands and rub further, the product will then turn a pale blue colour and you know the mask has been activated.
Even though it says keep on for 5 minutes, I lost track of time and probably had it on for 10.

No this is not an alien, this is a delightful picture of my face. Please excuse the red eyes due to a sleepless night, sob.
I used this mask when I had just woken up to refresh my face.
I really enjoyed it as well. Because I have only used it once, I haven't noticed a great difference in skin condition, but it did feel soft and deeply cleansed.

After use, I followed up with my favourite moisturiser, the AVEDA botanical kinetics hydrating lotion, and then my skin was fully prepped for the day.

So, all in all I really liked the mask, I will continue to use it weekly, and in a month or so, I think I will blog a 'MY FAVOURITE FACE MASKS' blog, to compare what has worked best for me.

I really recommend this mask if you want a quick, but deep fix, leaving your skin with a nice refreshed and replenished finish.

I hope this was useful
See you soon,
Zoe xx

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