Monday, 6 January 2014

House Of Holland False Nail Review

As I live with the awful habit of biting my nails when stressed, my hands aren't the prettiest. As well as the fact I live with the most temperamental kitty cat, who loves to play fight and destroy my hands, I wear plenty of little playful scratches, so I apologise for the condition of my hands.

I would love to have perfectly manicured nails all the time, as I think good hands and nails look so elegant and feminine. SO, I decided to treat myself to some false nails as a new year treat. I love false nails as they don't damage your nails as much as acrylics do, I have only had acrylics once, and when I took them off after 4 weeks (so they lasted well) my nails were weak and discoloured, and just felt unhealthy. False nails however, do not damage my nails, as the glue is very different to acrylics. They last around a week/a week and a half.
In Boots, they sell a range of brands, but the House Of Holland collection really caught my eye. They are all so different and sophisticated, with gorgeous and crazy designs.

I went for the 'DOTTY' style.
The is the second set I have worn from this box, as they contain 24 nails so that I could properly review them for you! So that is why the box looks tampered with.
I absolutely loved the look of these. The nails are mostly matte black with a few statement 3D coloured dot nails. And i just thought they were amazing.
Inside you can see that they provide you with an instruction leaflet, a nail glue and a nail file.

This is the finished product.
I think they look classy and natural, not to long and strong enough for everyday wear.

The colour does not chip, and coloured dots do not fall off, however the matte black does wear to show a shiny black under layer after about 5 days. The nails lasted 8 days without falling off, however you can just re-glue the fallen nail back on. I would suggest not doing this for longer than 2 weeks.

Overall, I think the House Of Holland collection is very good quality for the price which I payed £8.99 for, but other styles have varied prices.

I hope this was useful,
See you soon,
Love Zoe xx


  1. They look so cute! I love your blog and I wish you luck on your blogging journey! :) x

  2. thank you very very much, that is so sweet of you! x