Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Little Warm Welcome

Hello everyone,
My names Zoe and I've decided as my new years resolution is to do a big 'ole cleanse. What I mean by that is too... juice daily (at least two meals... maybe just one), eat more healthily in general, no more Mcdonnalds and selection boxes and to get down the gym at least 3 times a week.
Not only that but I will be cleansing the boring stuff too (like a huge room clean and sort out, college notes and revision, but I'm sure you don't want to hear about all that).

BUT, because of this new change I thought I'd start up a blog, so that you guys can get some inspiration, encouragement and also to motivate me, as I am quite easily distracted (and yes I will tell you if I make a few slip ups)...
I will be taking you through what I have done to get into shape and just make me a more healthy person by uploading pictures, juice and meal recipes and other bits and bobs too.

A little side note: I am a beauty blog obsessor, those who idolise Zoella, Tanya, Fleur, Ingrid, Claudia, Louise etc will understand where I'm coming from, so I thought it was only fair to let me beauty blog along the way. As it has just been christmas I have received some luxurious skin care and make up, and I'll review and show you how to use/wear the products and we'll see how this all goes...

So, as a little summery, I will be posting on beauty, skincare, health, fashion and just a little of everything you need.

See you in 2014! Have a happy new year!

Zoe xx

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